RISARC Consulting, LLC

RISARC is the premier supplier of high technology revenue recovery and reimbursement systems to the nation’s leading healthcare providers.

Uninsured and Underinsured Eligibility

Convert uninsured to insured; obtain secondary benefits for underinsured. Ensure patients get benefits from Medi-Cal, Medicare, Covered California, Victims of Crime and other government payer programs.

  • Transitioning Hospital Presumptive Eligibility cases to ongoing benefits
  • Converting restricted Medi-Cal to full scope eligibility
  • Obtaining appropriate aid code for the service type
  • Obtaining benefits for placement purposes
  • Hospice Revocation Letters
  • Correcting erroneous information on patient’s social security record
  • Uncooperative patients
  • transferring cases to appropriate county
  • Medicare and Disability issues
  • Skip tracing
  • Benefits for Deceased Patients
  • Tracking HPE stats and Compliance
  • Appeals