RISARC Consulting, LLC

RISARC is the premier supplier of high technology revenue recovery and reimbursement systems to the nation’s leading healthcare providers.

Chronic Care Management Program

Turn-key management program meets required monthly 20 minutes patient conversations. In-house clinical care team monitors patients, medication, appointments and progress. Tracks health status and provides comprehensive monthly reports.

  • Population Health Management for my attributed beneficiaries
  • Care Coordination by a certified Clinical Care Team
  • Improving my Medicare Shared Savings Program performance
  • Accurate and timely Clinical Quality Measures Reporting
  • Clinical Care team that can meet the 20 minute non face to face threshold for my attributed and non-attributed beneficiaries
  • Increase my Attributed beneficiary ranks
  • Tracking attributed beneficiaries and reducing costs
  • Reducing beneficiaries hospitalizations
  • Collecting additional beneficiary information to improve Data Analytics
  • Providing ongoing Patient and Physicians education
  • Making Care Plans available 24/7 access
  • Providing the ability to Interface with EMR
  • Developing a turn-key revenue stream