Admission Error Tracking System (AETS)
Error rates plummet

RISARC’s Admission Error Tracking System (AETS) is a sophisticated real-time user-friendly tracking tool. It tracks and records hospital registration errors both during the initial entry and through detailed reports, automating error-tracking and performance measurement.

Admission managers have a powerful resource to improve registration quality. RISARC’s AETS is packed with out-of-the-box quality control features that can be tailored to your hospital environment giving you the ability to:

  • Monitor quality and quantity of work in real-time
  • Design a system with custom edits and reports
  • Track error and accuracy rates at both department and individual levels


    For Hospitals
  • Improve registration accuracy
  • Reduce accounts receivable (A/R) days
  • Reduce denial rates
  • Reduce return mail
  • Measure trainer effectiveness
    For Staff
  • Improve error ratio transparency
  • Detail success and areas for improvement
  • Improve morale
    For Patients
  • Improve patient satisfaction