RISARC Consulting, LLC

RISARC is the premier supplier of high technology revenue recovery and reimbursement systems to the nation’s leading healthcare providers.


Richard I. Stephenson


Richard Stephenson is President and CEO of RISARC Healthcare Consulting, a national high-technology and revenue recovery consulting firm for the healthcare industry. A CPA by trade, Stephenson founded RISARC in 1990.

RISARC’s RMSe-bubble system was the precursor to the Nationwide Health Information Highway, now known as the eHealth Exchange, for the secure transfer of medical documents in the healthcare industry which led RISARC to be certified as one of the initial Health Information Handlers for the CMS esMD project.

RISARC’s advocacy for provider reimbursement through its consulting services have resulted in billions of dollars in revenue recovered for its clients.

Stephenson’s role as a visionary and innovator in healthcare technology led to the creation of the first Admissions Error Tracking System used by hospitals to measure quality and productivity in order to operate with efficiency and accuracy – which has become an industry standard for major healthcare providers across the U.S.

Stephenson is an authority on government and private insurance payer programs, respected for his knowledge of new policies and regulations regarding the healthcare industry.

Stephenson is a respected speaker and writer on national and international healthcare matters. He has published pieces for the Los Angeles and Boston Business Journal and conducted a seminar series on the Affordable Care Act.

Janet Yu

Vice President of Operations

In her 21 years in management with RISARC, Janet Yu is responsible for operations, reporting and client relations. She also provides support with educational events and other public relation initiatives.

Yu has been a driving force for RISARC strategic marketing and product development teams and coordinates public relations initiatives.

Yu’s area of experience also includes in-depth work product knowledge on Medicare and Medi-Cal, as well as commercial insurance, operational procedures and policy developments in the healthcare industry. Yu is also a Certified Enrollment Counselor under Covered California.

Pamela Stephenson

Operations Manager

In her 19 years with RISARC, Pamela has worked in the area of Insurance Appeals and Follow-up before taking charge of the Administration Department.

Stephenson’s Department is responsible for all incoming referrals, medical records, mail correspondence, incoming and outgoing mail.


Tamara T. Hill

Project Development, Management Information Systems Director

In her 18+ years with RISARC, Tamara Hill’s strong leadership and management skills have seen RISARC through the development of its most sophisticated information system and technology solutions.

Hill is also an integral member of the strategic marketing department, designing and creating professional conferences and presentations for the RISARC brand.

Her ability to provide intricate information system assessments and site management consultations has proven instrumental in determining and delivering RISARC products that seamlessly fit client requirements and systems needs.

Deborah Douglass

Billing Supervisor

Deborah has over 21 years of experience in Billing of Medi-Cal and Insurance Claims with RISARC.

Douglass ensures that claims are paid appropriately as well as monitors billing projects and prepares cases for legal action.

Veronica Woods

Eligibility Director

Veronica has been with RISARC for over 18 years. Woods oversees and manages the Eligibility Department including Field Operations.  She works with clients and patients to assist with resolving issues and is also an expert in the Medi-Cal process.

She is one of RISARC’s certified enrollment counselor for Covered California.

Melanie J. Mays

Eligibility Manager

Melanie has over 14 years of experience with RISARC advocating for patient’s Medi-Cal/Medicaid benefits coverage.

Mays has solved the most difficult cases and has represented patients in disability/eligibility hearings.

Beatrice Sandoval

Field Office Supervisor

Beatrice has been with RISARC for over 12 years. As a Field Office Supervisor she oversees all Field Representatives.

Sandoval is in charge of representing the company at various in state and out of state Providers.

She also meets with hospital patients’ bedside to assist with any insurance aid and has a close relationship with hospital Financial Counselors, Social Workers and Case Managers for patient access care updates.

Anna Tsaturyan

Insurance Supervisor

Anna has been with the RISARC family just over 4 years. Anna oversees the special projects team, and also handles Commercial and Government Insurance Billing.

Having been in the Health Care industry for over 12 years, Tsaturyan has experience in Medi-Cal Billing, A/R related functions with expertise in billing activities, analysis, insurance claims, appeals, and target achievement.

Global Culture

Our diverse staff speaks more than 30 languages and the ethnicities represented company-wide span the globe. From our leadership team to the care managers, our employees represent the multicultural world we live in today.

Community Care

At RISARC, we believe that corporate giving is a responsibility, not an option. We are committed to providing assistance to the communities in which we live and work. RISARC Foundation’s mission is to provide support for the efforts of charitable programs and community-based organizations both in the United States and internationally who share our vision of improving the lives of others.