RISARC Consulting, LLC

RISARC is the premier supplier of high technology revenue recovery and reimbursement systems to the nation’s leading healthcare providers.

Visionary Leadership

RISARC’s founder, Richard Stephenson, is recognized internationally as a visionary and innovator in healthcare technology and automated systems. He has developed solutions that are the prevailing standards in the healthcare industry, improving revenue cycle processes and maximizing revenue recovery.

Since 1990, RISARC has been creating and implementing technologies and processes that enhance patient care and increase revenues for healthcare organizations. The company’s advocacy for provider reimbursement through technology solutions and consulting services have resulted in billions of dollars in revenue recovered for its clients.

RISARC’s RMSe-bubble system was the predecessor to the Nationwide Health Information Highway, now known as the eHealth Exchange, for the secure transfer of medical documents in the healthcare industry. This led RISARC to be certified as one of the initial Health Information Handlers for the CMS esMD project.

RISARC founder and CEO, Richard Stephenson, developed the first Admissions Error Tracking System used by hospitals to measure quality and productivity in order to operate with efficiency and accuracy, and has become an industry standard for major healthcare providers across the U.S.

Today RISARC is leading the way on new value-based payment models and risk/reward payment structures to create a true partnership with clients.