RISARC Consulting, LLC

RISARC is the premier supplier of high technology revenue recovery and reimbursement systems to the nation’s leading healthcare providers.

Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve healthcare outcomes

Who We Are

RISARC is a technology and revenue recovery consulting firm to the healthcare industry. Our Triple-Win program combines shared-risk/reward, proprietary technology, and expert services that increase revenue, reduce costs and improve healthcare outcomes. This, combined with RISARC 360° Service™, creates a single-source solution that merges revenue cycle expertise with proprietary cloud-based technology.

A True Partner

RISARC’s incentive-based Shared-Risk/Reward Program creates a true partnership with clients because we share in the risk and rewards of new payment models. Our team of experienced consultants, technologists, systems designers and care management specialists have an unrelenting desire to meet the individual needs of its clients and solve the most pressing challenges.

Our Technology

RISARC provides proprietary technology tools for a complete enterprise solution that includes predictive analytics, revenue recovery, workflow management and reimbursement systems. Since 1990, RISARC has recovered more than $1 Billion in additional revenue for clients, and solved business challenges for some of the biggest names in healthcare.

Visionary Leadership

RISARC’s founder, Richard Stephenson, is recognized internationally as a visionary and innovator in healthcare technology and automated systems. He has developed solutions that are the prevailing standard in healthcare records, workflow and revenue recovery.

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